snap to grid

On the room design form sometimes it is more convenient to allow the program to automatically ‘align’ walls. This function is called ‘Snap to Grid’ and when it is turned on will result in wall nodes ‘rounding’ their positions to the nearest 25 centimetres (in SI mode) or one foot (in Imperial mode). When the need for precise accuracy outweighs the need for program speed of operation then ‘Snap to Grid’ may be turned off. A button is located at top right of the Room Design form to toggle Snap to Grid on or off. This switching facility is also repeated by entering ‘Options’ through the top menu bar.

When non-aligned wall nodes have been placed on the Room Design Form with ‘Snap to Grid’ turned off and then ‘Snap to Grid’ is subsequently turned on then as a safety precaution wall nodes will not re-align to their nearest grid line until the left Mouse button is clicked with the cursor focused over the node.

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