wall nodes

Free hand drawing of each wall is achieved by marking (with left Mouse button click) directly on the graph 'nodes' that represent the start and finish locations of each wall. There is no limit to the number of walls that the program can handle. Essential in practice as even simple room plans often have columns and rebates that should be allowed for and every change in wall direction is effectively treated by the program as a separate 'wall'. Each section of wall is identified by a numbered and coloured 'wall label' that appears approximately midway between the node points for the identified wall. It is also possible to identify walls upon the same axis where a change in construction material occurs along the length of the wall, by introducing (or including when drawing) additional nodes along the same section of wall. Additional nodes may be introduced within a section of wall by clicking on the '+ nodes' button on the top menu bar and carefully focusing the Mouse cursor over the section of wall where the node is to be introduced.

In order to accommodate a wide range of computer screen sizes and at the same time afford a reasonable amount of accuracy and convenience, the optimum scale for the graph has been selected where one screen pixel represents 5cm (approximately 2"). Where this is not sufficiently accurate then by right Mouse button clicking with the cursor focused upon the wall label the user may enter (or correct) precise wall length dimensions using keyboard numeric input.

Wall nodes may be deleted by activating the Delete Wall button on the top menu bar and then left Mouse button clicking with the cursor focused on the relevant wall node.

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