containers and storage

(Refrigeration Load calculations)

Product containers and other non perishable items used in the transport of product into and out of the refrigerated space can be added to the load calculation. This can be particularly important where a process regularly relies upon loading product onto trolleys, pallets or stillages for example that may have been temporarily housed in a non temperature controlled space prior to being loaded. Potentially adding as much as 20% to the product load in some cases.

Select the nearest item from the extensive menu of containers and storage items listed, multiple types if appropriate, then select 'Custom' to enter the total weight for each type of item entered.

'Freezing' temperatures and latent data for containers and storage items are generally not listed, or if they are then for academic interest only as they are not needed in the context of this program. 'Freezing' temperatures for these items are so high as to make latent load calculation associated with them unnecessary. The melting point and hence state of fusion for steel for example being somewhere in the region of 1811K! For the same reason specific heat shown for these items is for that either side of 273.15K (491.67R), the freezing temperature of water, and is therefore the same.

All values were researched to be those applicable to 'Food Safe' varients of materials as prescribed in most countries.

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