total product weight

Under certain conditions, when selecting 'Fruit & Vegetables' or 'General Purpose' products, a prompt to enter the TOTAL WEIGHT STORED as well as TURNOVER will appear. This will happen if conditions dictate the need for Respiration Heat computation.

Program default Total Product Weight Stored is 250 kg/m³

Minimum Total Product Weight Stored can be entered to 50 kg/m³*

Maximum Total Product Weight Stored can be entered to 500 kg/m³

* The above standard program settings can be over-ridden by using 'Coldwind Pro's Special Feature Code program default settings adjustment feature. However users are urged to use this feature with extreme caution. Program input default limts have been set following a considerable amount of peer led research amongst leading authorities, educational establishments and major End User 'Specifiers'.

Standard program over-ride - Minimum Total Product Weight Stored can then be entered to 10 kg/m³*

Remember that engineers have a duty to design to anticipated 'Worst case' conditions. Experience shows that no matter what an End User might set as design criteria these criteria are subsequently frequently abused. The cost of rectification often having to be met by the contractor or argued in Court!

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