Products for Coldroom storage are selected from lists which are arranged in Food 'type' groups. Each group features a list of common products and for these all relevant thermal properties are stored in the program as default values. The default values include Specific heat above the product freezing temperature, Specific heat below product freezing temperature, the product freezing temperature and Latent Heat. Fruit and Vegetables, and the generic group described as 'General Purpose', include values for Heat of Respiration.

Food properties data used in Mistral programs has been gathered from many sources of empirical and scientific data all of which is in the public domain. Data shown for common ‘simple’ food products such as Peas and Pork for example will most likely be the result of scientific research conducted in certified laboratories and therefore can safely be assumed to be very precise. Data for more complex foods, particularly those containing many ingredients and especially where recipes can be open to varying interpretations, such as Pies and Cakes for example, will be estimates. Such estimates have been provided as a reliable guide only and will err on the side of caution as ‘worst case’ examples. Thus ensuring that refrigeration duties are always adequate, particularly when large quantities may be involved. Do not forget however that refrigeration loads resulting from Product are only one part of the total. Even an over estimation by as much as ten percent of the Product load may typically have a less than five percent effect on the total refrigeration load.

To enter product types not listed, or to enter listed product but with different thermal characteristics to the default values, select the 'Other' item. You will then be prompted to type the product name and enter thermal value (appropriate to the Coldroom conditions only).

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