Physical Properties of some commonly refrigerated food, drink and other items.
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The procedure below contains a representative sample of a few hundred database items only. Actual programs can contain thousands of databases, each with many thousands of data items.

Physical properties comprising Specific Heat above freezing temperature, Specific Heat below freezing temperature (both expressed in kilojoules per kilogram per kelvin (degree) or kJ/kg/K); Latent Heat (in kilojoules per kilogram (kJ/kg)); Heat of Respiration (mean, in kilojoules per kilogram kJ/kg) and Freezing Temperature (mean, in Celsius degrees (°C)) may be found by entering the name of the subject item in the box below.
Imperial values and equivalent units are also simultaneously displayed.

Enter three or more consecutive letters of the required search item (Eg. 'ber' for 'berries'). ostrich.pngClick on item icon(s) above when they appear to display physical properties.

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