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Mistral Associates does not, has never and will never plant Cookies on its website visitors’ computers. A practice Mistral considers immoral and actually abhorrent. Mistral would even question the legality of doing so and notes that Google, along with other leading organisations appear to be planning to drop the unethical practice. Presumably in the face of growing public awareness and objections along with increasing levels of state regulations* controlling invasion of personal privacy and of liberty. Mistral required no such prompting!

"Mistral relies upon its first class, good value, ‘fit for purpose’ products, along with traceable testimonials and passive advertising to retain its world leading market position."

Mistral Associates does employ legal and totally annonymous tracking of global visits to its website. This purely to gauge and adjust web page content to match perceived visitor expectations and needs.

Tracking only identifies geographic location of web site visits by city and country along with pages viewed.
No visitor's personal data is even seen, let alone collected and stored or given away, let alone sold to others.

Naturally Mistral maintains databases of customer names, addresses, Email addresses and contract details, however without any personal information. It would be impossible to operate any business without doing so. This data is not stored upon any computer that is connected to the Internet. Meaning that the chance of hacking resulting in access to confidential data is absolutely zero. Passing of this data to any third party would contravine the *EU GDPR 2018 Act. In any event Mistral's strictly maintained code of business ethics would prohibit Mistral from doing so. See also:-

If I ask for access to Mistral's intellectual property why does Mistral ask me who I am and where I live?
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