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Single user Annual Licence. Includes ALL programs. Licence £95 (105 Euros US$125) p.a.

Corporate Licence ALL programs listed below. Licence £295 (330 Euros US$395) per annum.

Suite Logiciel ‘Entreprise’ télécharger mode d'emploi et lien 355 Euros annuellement.

Corporate Suite - For Registered Licensees (No charge update or additional installation).

Airwind Pro. Single User Lifetime Licence. £495 (555 Euros US$665)

Cellwind Pro. Single User Lifetime Licence. £495 (555 Euros US$665)

Coldwind Pro. Single User Lifetime Licence. £495 (555 Euros US$665)

Crosswind. Single User Lifetime Licence. Price on request.

Linewind. Single User Lifetime Licence. £95 (105 Euros US$125)

Metwind. No charge for Registered Licensees.

Pipewind Pro. Single User Lifetime Licence. £495 (555 Euros US$665)

RAC Graphics. No charge for Registered Licensees.

Brief program descriptions.

Single User Annual Licence Annually renewable licence for suite including ALL programs at the lowest possible price - Additional licences available for Notebooks and for colleagues with substantial discount.

'CORPORATE' Licence Annually renewable licence - managed access for ALL programs for unlimited users.

Suite Logiciel ‘Entreprise’ Switcheable French/English language version of 'Corporate' Licence as above.

Airwind Pro Air conditioning and heating load calculation. Multiple rooms and zoning.

Cellwind Pro Beer cellar (& wine) cooling and heating load calculation to standard industry specifications.

Coldwind Pro Cold room, freezer, reefer (container), truck, blast chiiler, blast freezer, agricultural produce store, refrigeration load calculations. Single, dual compartment and multiple, optionally zoneable rooms.

Crosswind Supermarket Retail Floor Area design program. Display Case and Serveover selection, positioning and circuiting. Also racking and shelving. Refrigeration system linking and equipment selection. Circuit zoning. Graphical CAD interface. User editable capital equipment database.

Linewind Simple (single-circuit) refrigerant pipe sizing.

Metwind Comprehensive World Meteorological Data with interactive map user interface. Over 200 National databases all user editable.

Pipewind Pro Simple and complex (multi-circuit and ring main) refrigerant pipe sizing.

Graphical image files linked to computerised RAC Equipment Selections.

Additional information.

All above load calculation programs include comprehensive, dynamically linked building construction material databases and linked, 'click map' driven, world meteorological databases. These databases, along with many others supplied with the programs, are all 'User Editable'.

Manufacturer and distributor checked and approved proprietary RAC equipment databases, along with linked, scale and dimensioned drawings and photographs are included as appropriate. These contain dynamically linked and automatically duty corrrected selections on over quarter of a million individual current RAC products. Bundled free with all programs.

All programs suitable for operation on computers using Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (except Windows 10S which would need to be upgraded to either Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Professional).

Single User Lifetime Licences are for life. Please bear in mind however that if your computer's Operating System is upgraded in the future to a Windows version not listed above then you may find it necessary to purchase the corresponding upgrade for your Mistral program installation in order to keep it working. As a registered licensee you will be offered a substantial discount for future upgrades, however these will not be available free of any charge! Mistral 'Corporate' Licensee's programs are upgraded automatically as and when necessary in order to address issues presented by future computer Operating Systems, without incurring any additional charges.

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