All Mistral programs include fully colour illustrated and interactive help manuals. Exactly the same help pages as supplied with all programs may be viewed on-line using links below.

When programs are operating these pages are accessed through a system of dynamic and focused linking by pressing your keyboard's F1 key. A standard Windows convention for high quality computer software.

Mistral's aim has always been to produce programs that are sufficiently intuitive to use so that neither Help pages nor manuals are necessary. Naturally though, when dealing with such a vast and complex subject as mechanical refrigeration this is not always possible. Also, the manuals do provide advice and tips on some functions and shortcuts that may take a long time to find 'by accident' or simply by experience gained through program use.

For those recently embarking upon a career in refrigeration the well presented and clearly indexed manual pages are an education in themselves.

Manuals listed above share the same names as the programs with which they are associated.

Other useful advice

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