mistral logo 56x75 Established in 1984, Mistral is proud to be widely considered the 'generic' software system provider for the refrigeration & air conditioning industry. In its domestic market, Mistral software is used by more than 85% of refrigeration & air conditioning contracting firms and programs have been distributed to over 17,000 users in over 100 countries around the world.

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Mistral Associates - News May 2018

Open Source software. A reminder!

Mistral has offered Open Source templates of in-house developed multi-relational databases from the firm's earliest days. Along with free access to Mistral's Treedb32.exe database creation and editing tool.

Exactly the same tools Mistral uses to create and maintain the tens of thousands of program interactive databases distributed with every issue of Mistral software.

These are supplied with rudimentary* Help pages outlining critical code that is need to enable user created databases to be recognized by and run in Mistral programs. For example for selecting refrigeration and air conditioning capital equipment or for coldroom cost estimation and customer sales quotation generation.

Mistral will be happy to provide developers with a limited amount of advice and support at no charge. Providing developers have suitable qualifications or can demonstrate aptitude and experience in programming.

*Prospective code developers are assumed to already possess necessary programming skills. Mistral Associates cannot be expected to provide basic training. Novices are also warned that acquiring such skills comes neither easily nor quickly and can, indeed usually does, take years! Proprietary RAC equipment selection databases supplied with Mistral programs are locked and cannot be edited.

Manufacturers and distributors wishing to promote their products by reaching the vast majority of prospects already using Mistral's legendary RAC Application Engineering programs and relishing the chance to try their hand at programing therefore need look no further than the links below:-

RAC Equipment Selection Databases - Notes for Programmers.

RAC Equipment Selection Databases - zip file of sample open source database templates.

Download Mistral Treedb32.zip

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Mistral Associates - News April 2018

mistral quick selection 21,948 new files

mistral refrigerated food product animation Mistral has added another 21,948 new 'Quick Selection' coldroom and freezer designs to 'Coldwind Pro's' grid size room optional operating procedure. Bringing the number of almost instantly selectable pre-engineered coldroom and freezer designs to a total of 102,256!

Anyone claiming computer programs aren't necessary and that they can do the job faster is willing to try. Providing they can conduct over 175,000 intricate and inter-related calculations per second then they might stand a chance. If able to prove they are both faster and more accurate than 'Coldwind' then Mistral will reward them with a free program access licence - FOR LIFE!

Each design is in effect a complete 'pre-engineered' cold room or freezer design file and which has been created reflecting current industry specifications and design standards. These files can be opened, edited if required and re-saved. Behaving in exactly the same way as using 'Coldwind Pro' to produce a custom design.

So astonishingly simple and quick to select that most experienced 'Coldwind Pro' users generally take just ten to fifteen seconds to click on the 8 to 10 buttons needed to design a new coldroom or freezer from scratch. Then another ten seconds if they wish to automatically print out a detailed, presentation quality, illustrated summary report. Even users totally new to the program manage to unambiguously locate exactly the design they need in only a few seconds more.

The best that an equally experienced and qualified refrigeration engineer could match 'Coldwind Pro' for accuracy and completeness of a similar design, armed only with a calculator and a few pages of tables, took a little over two hours! An even more interesting fact to emerge from Mistral's extensive field trials is that if the same engineer is asked to repeat exactly the same manual calculation exercise a second time around just a few hours later then they will invariably come up with a different result to their first attempt! A worrisome situation that simply cannot occur when using a correctly dynamically error trapped computer program like 'Coldwind Pro'.

So called 'Quick Selection Charts' published as useful aids by many RAC equipment manufacturers and distributors have been shown to overestimate refrigeration loads by anything from 10% to as much as 30% when compared to Mistral's well proven computerised calculations. Hardly surprising that so many major 'End User' specifiers now insist their approved RAC contractors adopt Mistral's 'Coldwind Pro' to size their cold room and freezer projects!

click above image to discover whether you're wasting money!

Cost to Mistral of new 'Quick Selection' database update development and proving: Over 4,000 Euros.

No charge update for all Mistral 'Corporate' Licensees. Via:- Corporate Update link
spacerNo Corporate Access Registration Code required.

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Mistral Associates - News March 2018

mistral_modules Mistral's trial reduced rate annual subscription for sole traders and single user licensees has now been made permanently available.

Following a highly successful trial launch in December 2017 Mistral's new 'Subscription' licence product, offers identical benefits to the long established and popular 'Corporate Licence' except it is now offered for smaller business users, sole traders, independent consultants and students.

A substantial 67% saving against previous price!

Click here:- Annual Subscription for immediate purchase and same day* complete system download and access.
* Within 24 hours. Please be aware of international time zone differences from CET.

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Mistral Associates - News February 2018

r513a Refrigerant R513A (Opteon TM XP10) non-ozone depleting, low global warming potential (GWP) added to Pipewind Pro - Professional RAC pipe sizing program.

Ideal successor to R134a for medium/high temperature applications.

No charge update for all Mistral 'Corporate' Licensees. Via:- Corporate Update link
spacerNo Corporate Access Registration Code required.

R513A interactive database. Cost to Mistral of data processing, compilation and proving: Over 1,750 Euros.

One of more than 17,000 independently verified, interactive databases available to Mistral Corporate Licensees. World's largest independent collection.

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Mistral Associates -News January 2018

New interactive database for Lu-Ve Contardo commercial range of coolers

lu-ve logoA world leading and highly regarded refrigeration equipment manufacturer.

mistral lu-ve program menu

Mistral's proposed new interactive database for selections from Lu-Ve Contardo's commercial range of coolers will be an operating conditions sub divided grouping comprising 'drill down' to 138 individual product sub-databases. By the time all options and currently available refrigerant data are considered.

All levels accessible through maximum of three button clicks from opening of main database.

Estimated database total size from 3.0 to 3.4 mBytes.

Following successful proving Mistral's release date is aimed for mid February 2018.
Free download from this page upon release. mistral lu-ve cooler

Cost to Mistral of Lu-Ve Contardo database development and proving: Over 8,500 Euros.

No charge update for all Mistral 'Corporate' Licensees. Via:- Corporate Update link
spacerNo Corporate Access Registration Code required.

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Mistral Associates -News 01 July 2016 to 31 December 2017

Changes to program installation and to file and database saving procedures.