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Mistral Associates - News February 2023

"By popular demand!" As the hackneyed expression goes. But it's true! Mistral listens to its valued customers. So when more than two or three of our friends made similar requests for a new product format, Mistral listened again - and reacted!

We heard:-

"We're a small business and unlikely to need all of the more sophisticated features offered in your 'Corporate' software compendium. We also only have one person responsible for designing projects and for quoting our customers. Can you not offer us a software product to suit? At less cost then your 'Corporate' software compendium."

So we did. Mistral has created 'Corporate Lite'.

At this point it will be much easier for us to link you to our page which simply, yet comprehensively, explains the difference between Mistral's well known 'Corporate' Licence, and which has been around for more than three decades now, and our new 'Corporate Lite'. Therefore we invite you to click on the animation below.
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Click icons in graphic below to access more details of key parts of the 'Corporate Lite' compendium.

Mistral Corporate Lite

Before saying that you can't be bothered, perhaps if we tell you that the price is just £295 and that is for a single 'one off' payment covering the cost of a licence FOR LIFE!, then this might attract your attention!

Introduction of 'Corporate Lite'. presents a viable opportunity for smaller RAC contracting firms denied access to Mistral's 'Subcription Licence'.


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Mistral Associates - News January 2023

   Click to open    Mistral Advertising Objectives

For more than three decades Mistral has brought quality expert system software to a specific niche market. The RAC industry. Bringing accurate, logical, intuitive, jargon free Application Engineering Software to the RAC industry, at the lowest possible cost to users.

There's the rub. The costs of research and development, the need for constant, daily code both upgrading and updating, maintaining essential security systems, along with all the usual costs of running a business, are eye watering. Even when measured globally the market Mistral serves is relatively tiny. Regrettably Mistral's operating costs can sometimes exceed revenue. But only just. And as for so many, malevolent politicians, pandemic, recession, inflation and global conflicts haven't helped.

An area Mistral has identified where more benefit can be added to its already extremely comprehensive systems is to help its software users connect quickly with essential suppliers. By carrying links to product and service supplier advertisements and to on-line purchasing.

Traditionally advertising at least, but not of course on-line purchasing, an area served by Trade journal or magazine publishers. Mistral believes at quite extraordinarily high charges.

Mistral believes it has found a way to introduce advertisements to its world class software products unobtrusively and very economically.

Unobtrusively because advertisements must never impede, interfere with or obstruct the main purpose and functionality of the software. Mistral is determined that operation of its software will remain exactly as it always has done. No abhorrent 'Pop-ups' then! No surreptitious Cookies either. At least not in Mistral software or on its websites. Mistral neither condones nor uses Cookies. Declared or otherwise.

Secondly, to provide advertisers with far, far more effective results from their advertising, for a fraction of traditional advertising charges.

Mistral serves, mainly, engineers. Also educationalists, government bodies, RAC 'End Users' and building services consultants. Therefore mainly decision makers in the functions of specifying and purchasing.

Mistral software is used by many engineers constantly throughout the working day. Trade magazines do not and cannot possibly match this.

Trade publications typically charge £1,495 for a single month insertion of a quarter page printed advertisement in a monthly published magazine. So almost £18,000 per year!

Mistral will charge from just £600 to a maximum of £800 for annual display of a link to, if they wish, effectively an unlimited amount of advertising material.

The Trade magazine advertisement may or may not get seen by the majority of the target audience. Before being pulped or incinerated.

Mistral's advertisements connect decision makers to suppliers of products they need, when they need them. Effectively 24/7. Every day of the year. Every minute of the day. Yet these advertising links never get in the way of software functionality.

How could there be any reason for not doing this?

gold_star_24x24.gif Mistral's valued licenced software users gain tremendously useful information and purchasing routes right where and when they are needed.

gold_star_24x24.gif Advertisers reach far more of their targeted market place.

gold_star_24x24.gif For a small fraction of traditional advertising costs.

gold_star_24x24.gif Providing a simple and highly effective route to Internet On-Line purchasing pages. Something printed adverts can obviously never achieve.

gold_star_24x24.gif Mistral adds sufficiently to its revenue to help meet its operating costs.
To continue providing the best and most popular RAC software in the world!

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