12 month licence for Corporate Suite via Secure Server - for UK £395 (plus VAT/TVA) or US $505.

Programs supplied as Internet download.

Issue for organisations with up to 5 staff working from or reporting to a single geographic location. For larger organisations please refer to Large organisation fee scale.

Please note that the currency may initially display in Euros but can be changed to other currencies in the currency menu.

Daily Exchange Rate fluctuations may mean the price you pay through Mistral's Secure Server is slightly different to prices shown above. Large adverse differences (above single figures) will be quickly refunded upon request. Would you offer to do the same for us if the difference is in your favour?!

spacerCorporate Software Suite -
Download for existing Licensees
For replacement or updating programs & databases in current installation.

As a Registered Mistral 'Corporate Licensee' you may need to install to additional computers. You might also wish to update occasionally to ensure that you are using the very latest issue of the programs and thousands of accompanying interactive databases. Whilst your 'Corporate Licence' guarantees that your programs will be automatically upgraded annually and the thousands of databases also updated where required, you might wish to optionally update yourself in the meantime. For no charge! Mistral's engineers work tirelessly upgrading already advanced programs to ensure they meet the demands of the very latest and even future computer Operating Systems. They also constantly update and add to proprietary equipment and other essential databases, even on a DAILY BASIS! Enabling both you and your colleagues to have the advantage of accessing the very latest key information to keep your business ahead of the rest!

Remit against your Mistral Associates invoice amount using Credit or Debit Card or PayPal.

Large organisation Corporate fee scale.

Helping RAC Professionals win contracts, save money, enhance profits. Paying for itself over and over again!

Accelerate your business into higher profit for as little as £395 or US$505 a year!

"Mistral software is expensive!"

"Yes....and a Jaguar F Type costs more than a Ford Focus!"

"Enough said."

Well perhaps not quite enough.

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