Why does Mistral need to know my name, my organisation (if applicable) and my location? Is this information collected in accordance with the EU GDPR 2018 Directive?
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To answer the second question first. Yes, the information is collected in full compliance with the EU GDPR 2018 Directive, as Mistral pledges not to pass the information on to any other party. The information is partially needed to ensure correct program installation and functionality, as needs vary from region to region. Mistral Expert System software also contains commercially sensitive data which is confidential and distributed to entitled parties only. Mistral has every right to know who those parties are. Finally to protect both you, as licensee (program user) and also Mistral's security; from fraudulent use, including virus infection.

To answer the first question. You pay Mistral's Licence Fee, or if you do not pay a fee directly to Mistral then someone else pays a fee on your behalf, as there are no alternatives to either one or the other of these situations. However the payment of that fee does not transfer any rights of ownership to the product, that is the intellectual property, to you. The fee is paid solely to give you rights of access, either for a prescribed time limited period, or for life in the case of a lifetime licence, or for a time period set by the party paying your fee.

The licence is a mutually binding contract and apart from bestowing certain rights and privileges to you, the licensee, the contract also expects adherence to certain simple rules. One of these rules being that Mistral demands its right to know who is accessing our intellectual property. (timewasters please note)

In addition to helping protect Mistral's massive investment in creation and perpetual maintenance of its intellectual property, your geographic location helps to ensure that essential regional variations are set at the time of program installation. Such as local meteorological conditions, computer Operating System regional differences, local legislation adherence, even the type of decimal point deliminator in use at your location.

Finally: In the albeit unlikely event Mistral finds an error in any one of the tens of millions of data items or highly complex coding, Mistral might need to contact you with correction download advice. Think about it!

You have the choice of whether or not to answer the fundamental questions of providing traceable names and an ostensibly permanent geographic location. If you decide not to answer or if you provide obviously falsified information then you will not be granted access to Mistral's intellectual property. If you choose not to provide Mistral with this information then you will need to go elsewhere to obtain what you seek. Mistral will neither be able to help you nor be prepared to waste its time and money trying to help you.

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