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If you couldn't find the answer to your question in our page and.. .

If it's important enough to call us then it's important enough to write to us!

Sorry if you have found our phone number difficult to find. That's simply because it isnít published on our website! Just as Microsoft don't display their's on their website either!

The reason is also simple. Mistral, although a 'niche market' provider, nevertheless supports over 17,000 registered users across 18 out of the worldís 24 time zones, some with many hundreds of staff. Probably well over quarter of a million people in total.

Providing polite, intelligent and informed answers 24/7 for around 150 telephone callers' questions each day, well over half of which had absolutely nothing at all to do with any of Mistralís products or services was quite simply unsustainable! As much as we also might like chatting about such stuff as Microsoft's idiosyncrasies it also pushed up the prices we had to charge our loyal and valued customers.

If you have a valid question about any Mistral product or the way we conduct our professionally run business and you really cannot find the answer on our 600 plus page website then please write to us through any one of the ample email links provided. Like this one - Feedback Form

You will then have a copy of what you asked us and when you sent it. You will then know how quickly we responded and you will have a permanent record. Just as importantly - so will we!

Finally, if you really do feel that you are unable to place an order or find out how to pay us for any of our products then please donít hesitate in emailing us, giving a time local to you when you would prefer to be contacted and then we will telephone you. Thus also sparing you the cost of the call too!