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Who are Mistral?

Established in 1984 and now with over 25,000 program licencees across more than 140 countries world-wide, Mistral are most probably the world’s leading Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Expert System Software provider.


What does Mistral software do?

Mistral software quickly and reliably deals with the fundamental starting point of all Refrigeration and Air Conditioning projects. Accurate calculation of the heat load. Going on to automatically 'duty correct', select and balance the RAC products needed to meet that heat load.


In the final analysis Mistral software sells Sponsors’ products.


Who uses Mistral’s software systems?

85%+ of the UK’s RAC contracting industry, including, without exception, every one of the leading companies. In addition, Mistral’'s systems are distributed in more than 140 countries world-wide.


What benefits does a Sponsor get?

1) Inclusion of comprehensive product selection data and images in the software systems most frequently used by RAC equipment specifiers and purchasers. Product duties are automatically matched to design requirements with performances accurately corrected where necessary. System users are then able to select and automatically order the Sponsor’s products.

2) Free circulation of the Sponsor’s product data to all 25,000 + registered Mistral system users (free option).

3) Free use of Mistral software systems by as many staff as need it within the Sponsor’s organisation.

4) ‘White Label' versions of Mistral’s software systems; ‘re-badged’ (or re-named) so as to appear as the Sponsor’s own software for their free distribution as their own product promotion software. This spares the Sponsor the enormous costs associated with developing, continuously maintaining and constantly re-writing similar systems. The Sponsor can also have confidence in the knowledge that they are issuing software to the industry standard system and therefore it will actually get used!


What does a manufacturer or distributor have to do to become a Sponsor?

Very little! Simply send Mistral all sales/application leaflets and/or manuals, including drawings and colour photographs if desired, with a purchase order and a small deposit payment (returnable under guarantee). Mistral are conscious that your management time is valuable and that the last thing you probably need right now is to create another ‘major project’. The time you need to spend explaining your products is therefore minimised. Fortunately the staff at Mistral know the RAC industry inside out, after all Mistral was established in 1984 and doesn’t do anything else but produce software for the industry. As opposed to any other software company we speak and understand the same language as you. Questions are only asked ‘by exception’ if we come across something requiring clarification. Once your product data and images are compiled we bring it along to you for test, approval and where necessary, corrections.


What does the Sponsor pay for future editing; for example, when a product range changes?

Nothing. Providing your small annual Sponsorship fee is maintained then each and every future database and image file edit, both large and small, is carried out free of charge.


We’ve already got our own promotional software so why should we sponsor Mistral’s system?

Engineers face problems in having to deal with a plethora of non-standard promotional programs from dozens of suppliers, none of which communicate with one another on the computer, all of which take up precious hard disk space and each of which require different techniques to operate. Few, if any, receive sufficient investment to keep them maintained or up to date with unrelenting advances in computing technology. This is why more and more professional companies prohibit ‘non-standard’ (that is non Mistral standard) systems on their employees’ computers. Anyway, would you want to face the prospect of being the only company NOT featured in Mistral’s systems? By the way, is your software certified by Microsoft for use with their latest Windows operating systems?


What should I do now?

To put your key products in front of all your customers every day for the next 12 months for a small fraction of your regular trade advertising. We hope we have already answered this one!

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