Including derivatives.
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'AIRWIND' Air conditioning and heating loads.
'CELLWIND' Beer and Wine Cellar cooling loads.
'COLDWIND' Cold Room, Freezer, Blast Chiller/Freezer and Transport refrigeration loads.
'PREPWIND' Dedicated Food Preproom refrigeration loads.

The above named programs frequently share, either completely or partially, some of the many thousands of modules and interactive databases that comprise the entire system. Therefore menu items below may sometimes include functions which are applicable to only one, two or three programs but not to all. Common sense should help identify which advice applies to which programs. For example:- Data for forklift trucks does not apply to 'CELLWIND' and sub-zero design temperatures do not apply to 'AIRWIND'!

Note that dynamic database editing routines do not apply to proprietary databases which are authorised
to contain the intellectual property of others. Dynamic database editing also generally applies only to 'Pro' suffixed program versions.


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Mistral series of refrigeration and A/C load calculation programs are successors to earlier and highly popular DOS based computer programs and were researched between the years 1984 to 2024 by staff at Mistral Associates. They were developed by a team led by Richard Hosking BSc(Hons) Program Development Director and under the direction of Chris Latham-Smith MCIM MInstR Managing Director. Programs are based upon proven calculation methods, including established factors, constants and algorithms in the public domain. Load calculation results may be compared directly to manual calculation results using methods recommended by ASHRAE.

All Mistral computer programs are designed in accordance with good practice rules for the industry. Calculation processes may consider any number of parameters including (but not limited to) thermal energy capacity, entropy, enthalpy, refrigerant mass flow, temperatures, pressures, viscosity, pipe surface roughness factors, refrigerant turbulent and laminar flow characteristics, acceptable noise levels, safe oil return, efficient compressor operation, system penalties and other system efficiency losses, heat transfer coefficients, surface color and reflectivity, plus additional empirical, meteorological and solar data to arrive at results.

As with all Mistral computer programs for Professionals in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry these programs have been subjected to rigorous testing and quality checks at key commercial and educational establishments around the world. Mistral takes care to ensure that any data contained by its programs either fall within the domain of public ownership or where this is not the case then all legitimate rights have been respected and royalties duly paid.

© Mistral programs are copyright property of Mistral Associates 1994 - 2024 All rights reserved. https://www.mistralassociates.com

No part of the programs, their code, unique processes or graphical images may be copied or reproduced in any form, whether electronic, printed or by any other means, without the prior express written permission of Mistral Associates, except for reproduction of printable program calculation and capital equipment selection results and associated images as clearly intended to be a programmed function and user benefit of use of the programs.