demo_icon.gifMistral Programs. Comprehensive Trial Request

Yes! Mistral charges for so called 'Demo' software.

For the simple reason experience has shown that most people asking for demos, of any developer's intellectual property, do so just because they can. With either absolutely no intention of ordering or often with no authority within their organisation to proceed through to order. And just as with everything else, providing demos takes time and it costs money. Costs which would have to be passed on to Mistral's loyal customers.

Mistral's hard earned 38 year reputation stands before it. The fact that almost every customer who has ever ordered Mistral software during the past 38 years has remained loyal and has continued using our products is sufficient proof that products meet every claim made for them. Thereby obviating the need for demos. We understand though that heirarchy and bureaucracy in some organisations insists and therefore for those who really are serious the facility to purchase fully operational Trial Versions (not 'demos') is made available.

NB: Microsoft offers neither demos nor trials of Windows!

You may if you wish purchase a fully functional complete installation of all Mistral programs and working, interactive databases for 30 days usage by every person in your organisation who wishes to see and use it. The price is 50 UK Pounds and this will be set against the purchase price (refunded) of any Mistral product if ordered within 30 days of purchasing the Trial.

Please click here download_icon_140x32_green.gif to proceed.

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