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February 2022

I experienced a couple of technical issues downloading a licence, probably an issue with my PC - Sophie was really helpful with both the speed of her responses and the final resolution of the issues, thank you Sophie, a pleasure dealing with you.

Shaun Carleton
Operations Director
CG Refrigeration Ltd
United Kingdom

August 2021

I have used Mistral for a while now and find it very trustworthy and a great tool for calculating coldroom duties.

Nick May MInstR

Hubbard Products Ltd
United Kingdom

July 2021

Thanks for your assistance, much appreciated, please pass this on to all involved.

Roger Bartlett

Prima Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd
United Kingdom

July 2020

Fantastic Software, been using it my whole career to date. I have calculated heat loads for countless cold rooms and freezers over the years as well as pipework and equipment selections.

First rate technical support as well, that goes above and beyond.

Paul Alway

Robert C Scutt Limited
United Kingdom

February 2020

Excellent software which we have used for many years.

Vincent Barrett

Refrigeration Distributors Limited

May 2019

It is good software that I have trusted so many years.

Truong Ngoc Tinh
Managing Director

Viet Engineering
Ho Chi Minh

August 2018

I have used this software for many years and it is the best available for refrigeration designs.

Guy Hodgins

HD Refrigeration Ltd
United Kingdom

July 2018

I will like to take this opportunity to thank you for the reliability and the constant improvements in your software for many years.

L S Lee
Managing Director

EPTA Asia Pacific

My pleasure, it is good to be able to use intuitive software!

John Parr
Managing Director

Parr's Heat Pump Centre
Derwent Park, Tasmania

Thanks for all your help, much appreciated.

Please thank everyone involved.

Best regards

Mark Theakston

Heating Design Services
United Kingdom

It is a very good application and very user friendly. Quick to calculate the heat load.

Mohanraj Thevarajan
Senior Mechanical Designer
Siemens PVT Ltd

WR Refrigeration needs a means of obtaining quick and accurate application calculations and equipment selections. For a number of years WR Refrigeration has invested in Mistral computer programs; using 'AIRWIND' for A/C purposes, 'COLDWIND' for cold stores and now 'PIPEWIND' for refrigeration pipework.

These programs fit neatly into our calculations and equipment processes giving the company the added benefit of being able to satisfy our clients' needs quickly.

Terry Pride FInstR MIOSH
Engineering Director
WR Refrigeration Limited
United Kingdom


We are absolutely delighted with the program. You and your team have done a brilliant job for us despite the very tight timescale, and we are looking forward to an extremely positive response from our customers and sales team. Many, many thanks.

We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Yours sincerely

Julia Hamilton
Marketing Manager
United Kingdom

We never think that you can buy software and have all your engineering problems solved. However, I must admit your package comes very close. I have personally run and tried the software I downloaded from your site, and found the initial results very satisfactory.

Yours sincerely

M Turhan Basarankut Partner
TMA Muhendislik Ltd

Incredibly good software.

Fast, accurate and amazingly easy to use. Beautifully presented too.

Dick Richards
Ernest West & Beynon Limited
Paddock Wood
United Kingdom

Mistral's software is without doubt the best refrigeration design package on the market.

Second to none.

Dr A J Ingram MInstR
Managing Director
I-I-Ice Ltd
United Kingdom

The team at Mistral deserve congratulations on developing such beautiful programs; they are so easy to use. Only the month before I had bought some American software (which incidentally was far more expensive than Mistral's) and have already abandoned it in favour of Mistral's systems. I can't ever imagine using anything else again.

Thank you.

Mumtaz Anwar MInstR MASHRAE
Plant & Power Engineering Pte Ltd

Have both AIRWIND and COLDWIND and the associated programs. All great and very easy to use. They have paid for themselves on the first quote.

Thank you.

Philip Devitt
Apex Refrigeration

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