The world already lost control of the Internet, through lack of regulation, and look where that has got us. Paedophile playground, religious extremism with added terrorist violence, illicit trading of proscribed drugs, vote rigging, massive financial fraud, climate change myths and hysteria, sophisticated sales cons, and socially divisive workshy wokes.

Now the world of educated beyond their intelligence political leaders, opportunistic business chiefs and even naïve individuals are tumbling over themselves in the rush to hand over the reins to AI. So called Artificial Intelligence.

Ethereal but no spiritual thing of beauty. More like a grossly malevolent Hydra. ydra_icon.gif Cut off one head and scores more will replace it. AI exists but has no communication channel open to it, with which to engage to reason. AI will embed itself, a super virus the like of which the world has never seen before. Embedding itself into already hopelessly poorly invigilated platforms like Wikipedia and into social media, where it will be impossible to expunge. Short of implementing the now unthinkable; shutting down the World Wide Web.

Artificial Intelligence will never be sentient. Geoffrey Hinton, pioneer of AI during his time with Google, since resigned and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Macintosh and designer of the original Apple computer, along with other leading IT intelligentsia have all publicly said as much. AI is here though and now it cannot be 'uninvented'! There can only be one logical outcome. In the absence of urgent, drastic and universal regulation, AI will slide quickly to an inevitable and irrevocable 'conclusion'; That the world would be better off without humans. And set about destroying us. The fuse has already been lit! End of.

Your call. If though you cannot figure out why then maybe AI is right. But dig your own grave!spacer_transparent.gifRemember where you read this first, and it wasn't written using AI!

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