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"Expecting something for nothing is the most popular form of hope."

Arnold H Glasow 1905-1998

The above advice has been given to you entirely free of charge. With the compliments of the directors and paid staff of Mistral Associates.

Working skillfully, tirelessly and for unbelievably long hours for the benefit of the world's Refrigeration & Air Conditioning industry, and indeed, for all of humanity!

If you are planning to browse Mistral's website in the hope of finding a way to obtain our world beating, RAC business profit boosting computer software for nothing then so as to avoid wasting your time we suggest you leave right now. Mistral Associates is not a registered charity but a profit making organisation (as yours is probably intended to be as well!). Mistral is also highly successful at what it does and there are of course many reasons for that. You might like to think about them for a while.

Thank you anyway for boosting Mistral's website hit rate.

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