Established 1984.

Mistral Associates Declaration of Business Practices and Trading Ethics.

Mistral Associates is the Trading Name of MOTOSIR LATHAM SMITH LATIFFAH.

Customers of Mistral Associates therefore enjoy protection under European Community legislation in all matters of business trading operations as prescribed under the internationally binding laws of the European Community.

Mistral Associates adheres totally to EC GDPR 2018 (General Data Protection Regulation).

Mistral Associates publishes its DPIA policy in respect of EC GDPR 2018.

Mistral Associates publishes its formal QA (Quality Assurance Procedures) Declaration.

Mistral Associates publishes its Business Operating Policy Rules.

Mistral Associates publishes its mutual contractually binding user licence terms, and which include terms of guarantee or warranty, prominently at time of sale, at time of product delivery and product installation, to all customers.

Mistral Associates clearly and prominently publishes its product prices and which include clauses for protection of customers' interests due to volatile variations in currency exchange rates.

Mistral Associates does not employ any person under the age of eighteen years.

Mistral Associates annual turnover is currently below thirty million (30,000,000) Euros.

Mistral Associates employs fewer than one hundred employees, including part time and temporary contractors.

Mistral Associates adheres strictly with all Health and Safety legislation as applied in the European Community.

Mistral Associates offers only computer software products for commercial sale. All such computer software products are approved as Code Signed and therefore suitable for installation as publicly stated by Microsoft Corporation as safe for use with Personal Computers using Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

Mistral Associates applies its best endeavours to source only from suppliers adhering to strict ethical practices. Mistral Associates cannot however guarantee that IT equipment as used in its essential operations, or IT equipment containing and dependent upon components were not manufactured by foreign businesses using child labour or slave labour or from foreign businesses engaging in business practices that would not meet standards as legislated in the European Community. As can no one else within the world business community, including readers of this document. Wherever possible all capital equipment, materials and consumables as essentially required by Mistral Associates enabling it to go about its lawful business are sourced from businesses located within the European Community.

Mistral Associates applies its best endeavours to avoid supplying any individual, business or sovereign state where there is evidence of current or recent failure to adhere to strict ethical business practices, respect for personnel or citizens' rights and observance of intellectual property rights, including adherence to international Copyright legislation.

This declaration is published freely, without prejudice and without let or hindrance. Should any authorised business officer require more detail then please click here to remit a deposit of one thousand Euros on account (quoting invoice number 219999), against which answers will be provided within a maximum of six months. Mistral Associates absolves itself from all responsibility, legal, ethical or otherwise in this regard.

In the event a notorised audit by a Registered Public Notary is required to confirm the veracity of this declaration please supplement with an additional payment of seven thousand Euros (plus TVA). Lawyers specialising in commercial litigation are expensive, as everyone knows!

This declaration will be kept under review by: L Latham-Smith Company Secretary Mistral Associates

Published: 1 January 2019.
Reviewed: 30 October 2021.
Reviewed: 18 July 2022.
reviewed: 01 January 2023.
Last reviewed: 25 June 2023.