Systems Status Report     Week 12. Monday, March 20 – Sunday, March 26, 2023.

All Mistral 26 website hosted multi-lingual, multi-program compressed Setup.exe files up to date, tested, compiled and uploaded to Server.

All 11 Mistral hosted multi-lingual websites working correctly.

All 14 million+ multi-lingual text checked for spelling, grammatical and colloquialism errors. None found or reported.

All 79 multi-lingual program download request forms, along with link to 79 Setup compendium files, plus automated Access Code generation and downloader Email return system working correctly.

All 5,610 multi-lingual, illustrated. dynamically linked and focused Help page on-line and off-line systems functioning correctly.

All 110 multi-lingual browser Feedback form and associated 110 automated multi-lingual reply Emails working correctly.

All 137 multi-lingual PayPal product purchase order, payment collection and automated customer reply plus Setup download links functioning correctly.

All 3,281 multi-lingual website pages all appear to be functioning correctly.

All 17,500+ interactive proprietary plus passive databases functioning correctly.

All 157,000+ Cloud based dynamically linked graphical image and dimensioned product drawing files up to date and functioning correctly.

No outstanding user program bugs.

Microsoft automated Software Code Signing system up to date and working correctly.