Established in 1984 (by whom?), Mistral is proud to be widely considered the 'generic' software system provider for the refrigeration & air conditioning industry. In its domestic market, Mistral software is used by more than 85% of refrigeration & air conditioning contracting firms and programs have been distributed to over 17,000 individual and organisational users in over 100 countries around the world.

Not receiving your Access Code?!

Might this be due to something wrong at YOUR end?!

Mistral are the developers of this fine software product. We have been doing this job for over thirty years and we know what we are doing by now. In addition to incredibly reliable, powerful and useful software products, one more thing you can rely upon from Mistral and that is a fast and always courteous response. If you don't receive one then the odds on chance is that the problem was at your end and not ours!

Did you complete the request form accurately for example? If your email address contained a mistake, or worse, you intentionally entered a false address then naturally you won't receive a reply!

Access Registration Codes for computer software are by their very nature codes. They don't read like normal text or words. Access for the software you are receiving is restricted. This is for protection of not just the developer's interests and rights but also those of the sponsors, also for those of our RAC industry and ultimately of course, yours!

This means that Spam interceptors may scan and sometimes block email messages that contain what they do not recognise as legitimate text. Particularly if they have been set inexpertly. So check with your email settings or your IT department or your Internet Service provider to see if email messages from Mistral Associates are being blocked by your own badly written or poorly managed Spam interceptor.

Has Mistral Associates name been added to your Blocked Senders list? Either inadvertently by you or perhaps maliciously by someone else in your organisation. If it has then you will be unlikely to receive emails from us. It stands to reason. We won't even be able to communicate with you to advise you how to correct the problem!

Finally, you probably don't like to be ignored or rebuffed even. To having your time wasted. Nor do we!

Mistral's commitment:

"Bringing the benefits of computerisation to our industry - without the historically associated problems."