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Mistral's object in having an escalating licence plan is not because we are vindictive it's because it is a tough job remaining financially viable serving a relatively tiny niche market, and to do so fairly. Corporate fee scale.

Mistral's escalating Licence fee scale, based upon staff total head count as opposed to only the number of actual staff members personally accessing the software, is because it is the fairest policy. Larger organisations are expected to contribute more in fees than small businesses in order to cover the eye watering costs of expert system software development. Along with the daily burden of constantly upgrading it and also updating it. To which of course must be added all the usual business operating costs, including of course providing pre and post installation customer support. Unsurprisingly larger organisations require more!

There are of course legitimate reasons for a Licensee's annual software installation being exceeded. Staff changes and replacement computers being the most obvious. In the event that a downloader receives an automated reply that an installation quota has been exceeded there is no need to panic. There is also certainly no cause to become angry and rudeness or abuse returned to Mistral will NOT be tolerated. Three immediate resolutions are available. However the simple, brief instructions must be read!

1. Return to the download request form and use the PROVISIONAL Account Number displayed, instead of your own organisation's Mistral Account Number. This will instantly result in a provisional Access Registration Code being generated and which will provide you with program access for 30 days. Providing ample time for the matter to be resolved.

2. Send an Email to Mistral explaining what has happened. Mistral staff are on hand to investigate and provide solutions. Do not however keep making download requests using your usual Mistral Account Number. As this will simply add to the problem as every download request is digitally recorded on Mistral's Server Log.

3. If you are a new staff member and your organisation's installation quota really has been exceeded, then refer the matter to your own line manager or IT manager and ask for them to purchase a Top-up Licence.

Mistral's commitment:
Bringing the benefits of computerisation to our industry - without the historically associated problems.

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