'Coldwind Pro' - scope and development

Take the 2 Minute Tour of Mistral's legendary 'Coldwind Pro' multi-tasking program.

Completing tasks highly accurately in less than two minutes that can take even experienced engineers more than a couple of hours to do manually!

Seeing Coldwind’s quick and easy solution to a simple coldroom design and judging the program by this performance alone is to grossly underestimate its scope and power. As a Refrigeration professional then one day you will need that scope and power.

All Mistral programs are designed to take users to a safe and accurate solution by the shortest possible route. That is one of the program’s key strengths. However one day you might wish to do something more complicated in order to match a rare complex real life situation. Say add another wall or walls, at obscure angles to one another or incorporate walls from an existing structure and made from different materials. To perhaps add the room to a suite of others, relocate the building housing this suite of coldroom to a different location, even to a different country. To introduce a collection of various locally marketed food products into the rooms at different times and temperatures for storage under various different conditions and temperatures. All in their own specified and individual storage containers.

You might wish to select a number of different coolers simultaneously from more than one manufacturer, add, position and rotate or orientate these on the drawing of the complete scheme then select and balance condensing units or condensers and compressors from various other manufacturers.

Then quote the job, automatically using the software, print out the results and even export these to other word processors for incorporation in your other documents if you wish. Everything can then be filed as a complete project, quickly in a single file but complete with all unseen yet nonetheless essential parameters needed for interactive recoverability, affording further continuous editing if required. This single file can easily be forwarded to a colleague using a different PC platform with another computer Operating System and located in a different country or region of the world. Perhaps somewhere that different language, measurement units and even different decimal point deliminators are used. Despite local computer differences your colleague can still open that file, edit it, make and title another copy and return both the original and the edited copy or copies back to you for further discussion.

Any scientific error or input mistake made by either of you will be spotted and plain language advice shown on screen as to what should be done to correct that error.


Presentation quality result summaries and reports that your prospect can understand and identify his project with are automatically generated and can be printed out with a single key press on any laser or inkjet printer yet known to have been produced.

It took Mistral’s early team of highly qualified and experienced engineers more than three years of research just to identify and define the scope of the original Coldwind software project. Four years after that the first 16 bit program had been sufficiently field trialed, dynamically error trapped and packaged to present it to market.

To keep Coldwind Pro abreast of unrelenting changes in computing technology the now vast program has been re-written six more times, including the addition of countless additional routines and features, mainly at the request of Mistral’s respected world-wide professional user base. Coldwind Pro is now, 30 years later and following a staggering more than 5.5 million Euros of continuous and still today, ongoing investestment, on its 776th* compilation or 'build'.
*As at 30 June 2023.

Today you might want to design and select equipment for one single, simple insulated box. Tomorrow you might need to do something much more complicated altogether. Good then to know you can do both. Quickly, accurately and totally reliably!

As far as RAC load calculation and linked application engineering software is concerned then nothing else, developed by anyone else, anywhere, has ever come even close.


Mistral's commitment:
Bringing the benefits of computerisation to our industry - without the historically associated problems.

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