Mistral 'CORPORATE LICENCE' Annual Fee Scale.

Staff up to - UK EuroUS $
5 295 355 375
20 395 475 505
50 450 540 575
75 575 690 735
100 785 945 1005
150 970 1165 1240
200 1125 1350 1440
300 1175 1410 1505
400 1300 1560 1665
500 1400 1820 1790
750 1525 1680 2975
1000 1800 2160 2250
1250 2100 2520 2690
1500 2400 3120 3070
2000 2700 2880 3455
2500 3250 3900 4160
no limit 3825 4590 4895

Small business means any organisation operating from a single location with up to 5 staff in total.

Annual fee for small businesses is 295 plus VAT/TVA. (US$425*) Secure Server payment.

Annual fee for businesses with up to 20 staff 395 plus VAT/TVA. (US$505*) Secure Server payment.

Annual fee for businesses with up to 50 staff 450 plus VAT/TVA. (US$575*) Secure Server payment.

Organisations employing more than 50 staff. Please click here:- Large Organisation Order

Orders for organisations wishing to increase their current licence with access by up to 5 additional users. Please click here:- Mistral Corporate Licence Access Top Up

* Daily Exchange Rate fluctuations may mean the price you pay through Mistral's Secure Server is slightly different to the price shown above. Large adverse differences (above single figures) will be refunded upon request. Would you offer to do the same for us if the difference is in your favour?! If in doubt please contact.

Mistral's Pricing Policy. Fair to all businesses, irrespective of size.

A company with 10 staff and 5 users should not be expected to pay the same as a company with 20,000 staff world-wide, where arguably all of whom are benefiting from the also just 5 staff in their organisation that are using the software. Mistral's costs of providing faultless after sales support for the latter are also not unexpectedly much higher for larger rather than for smaller organisations. Larger organisations are therefore expected to contribute more for the benefits of the product their business gains and for the infallible service their business receives.

The total number of employees to include every person on the permanent payroll, including out field workers and staff operating from home that report to or who are accountable to a principal at the primary business address. Whether or not they are ever likely to or need to actually operate the software themselves.

There can be no argument against this totally fair and reasonable policy*. It is also the same policy as employed by practically every other Expert System Software provider in the world.

* You disagree? Please click here for your chance to reply and tell us why.

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