"We need to access your software urgently! Please send us your latest, up to date program issue with current databases straight away."

"You need it urgently do you? That's a coincidence then because both our local Tax Office and Telecoms Provider are saying exactly the same thing about our meeting their payment demands!"

Late Payment.mistral escargot

Mistral's annual subscription fees, as applied for the constantly upgraded and updated Mistral 'Corporate' programs and interactive databases suite for example, are guaranteed FIXED IN PERPETUITY. Subject only to fiscal inflation and as measured by RPI (Retail Price Index of the UK).

There have to be rules however. The principal one being that the mutually binding Contract that is the 'Corporate Licence' must be maintained without interruption and fees paid ON TIME! None payment within the generous 30 day credit term constitutes automatic cessation of the contract. If a contract has been active for a prior period of a number of years then renewal of the contract after a lapse will inevitably mean renewal at newer prevailing terms and these will almost certainly be higher than those previously enjoyed.

Mistral Associates runs a successful business and not a registered charity! Its survival, over the past 36 years, in a notoriously difficult, aggressive and marginally profitable niche market has been to the mutual benefit of both itself AND ITS CUSTOMERS!spacer Late payment and Contractually agreed Access periods.

Finally, don't forget what happens when you don't pay your Telecoms Provider on time!

Disagree? Then click the gooseberry! Your chance to respond. Provisional Access Request.

Mistral's commitment:
Bringing the benefits of computerisation to our industry - without the historically associated problems.