Childhood Memories
(Not written for Wokes. Who nonetheless should read it so as to try and gain some sort of an education.)

As a child I lived on a smallholding in a desperately poor Fenland village. The wind howled through from the horizon and which was visible fourteen miles away. Visible in all four directions. Nothing, save for a mere smattering of poor, bent trees, between us and the Wash estuary to the north and nothing between that and the North Pole!

I still had three square meals a day though and was well shod. With my elder brother's over sized hand me downs.

I was aware our family were poor but not by how much. Christmas still saw Santa Claus coming down our chimney. Somehow bypassing the ancient cast iron Rayburn stove at the bottom of it. One year Santa brought me a Meccano set I suspected it was a second hand set as although it had all the green girders and red, perforated steel sheets, there were no nuts and bolts with them. Pretty useless then, but I was grateful and I was happy.

arrow_back_blue_icon.gifA little older and my parents delivered my sex education. In the form of a Durex condom placed surreptitiously into my sock drawer. That was it. Nothing said. I never used it. Despite many opportunities. smiley_by_mistralassociates-com_ani.gif Instead I placed it, Boy Scout 'Be prepared ' like, in my leather wallet. Where eventually it formed a sort of oval, hollow, ring shaped mound in its leather wallet pouch. My rail Season Ticket card faced it through its mica window on the other side. This probably surprised the lady ticket inspector every school day morning. When I flashed my Season Ticket at her in her little hut upon arrival at King's Lynn railway station. I was only 14 after all and had only just gained long trousers. Extra long elder brother hand me downs.

Happy days.spacer_transparent.gifChris Latham-Smith Age 74ΒΌ
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