A Message from our Founder

No one understands RAC better than Mistral!

Our Refrigeration & Air Conditioning industry, in which, if you are reading this then you are most likely a key player, is essential in helping to feed and house most of human life on Earth.

Without refrigeration half the world's population would almost certainly now quickly starve. Actually without engineered mechanical Refrigeration & Air Conditioning during the last hundred years it is unlikely that half the world's present population would even have been born in the first place.

Modern architecture and building design as we currently depend upon to live in and to work in, to be cured in, educated, entertained and even to die in could not function without us. Though considering what you and I are paid when compared to so many other professions, many of which require a fraction of our skills or which demand nowhere near as much responsibility as is asked of us, then all of this seems barely plausible. It is though fact nonetheless.

Be proud of the contribution you are making in both enhancing civilisation and protecting the environment.

Just a thought.

Chris Latham-Smith
Managing Director
Mistral Associates

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