Mistral Quick Selection Coldrooms embraco_coldroom.gif

In case anyone was wondering how many Quick Selection, Coldroom and Freezer, 'Pre-engineered' design selections are included in Mistral's current RAC Expert System Software.

To spare you the calculation we've done it for you. It's now a staggering 4,740,768!

This is by the time all 8 button click options of size, height, temperature, insulation type, storage product and even units and language have been selected. A procedure which takes a seasoned user around 10 seconds!

This compares with a couple of Mistral's imitators, each having around 30 coldroom design choices, in just one language and generally taking anything from five up to fifteen minutes to figure out.

Mistral's Quick Selection files are also totally user editable and when saved to file can be recovered, further edited if needs be in any one of 10 different languages, an hour, a day, a year or even a decade later.

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Trying to compare a McLaren 720S with a Trabant 601 doesn't even come close!