The Modern Slavery Act

Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act requires organisations that supply goods or services and having a consolidated global turnover of £36 million* per annum or more make a formal, public declaration of their status in regard to the above Act. Meaning they are obliged to publicly declare that they do not break the above law. Presumably therefore along with breaking laws covered by hundreds of other items of legislation relating to exactly the same criminal activity (would any organisation intent on breaking laws publicly state that they do so?!). * Implying organisations turning over less than £36m p.a. can abuse whoever they like!

Mistral Associates does not have a consolidated global turnover of £36 million per annum (yet). Mistral Associates is therefore currently exempt from this jobsworth inspired piece of legislation and which is anyway totally redundant based upon countless other items of legislation that already provide adequate protection for the vulnerable in society.

Mistral Associates confirms that it believes it has no obligation to complete meandering bureaucratic 'Supplier Forms' for satisfaction of administration officers of either potential or even existing clients. To reiterate, Mistral Associates declares it has no intention of complying with such requests. At least not unless paid to do so as we do not believe that our loyal and more sensible customers should be expected to contribute to the costs.

Mistral Associates further publicly declares that it does not employ minors (unless forced to under UK Government or similar 'Youth Opportunity' training schemes) nor does it apply forced labour upon slaves. Mistral Associates further confirms that it has never sent little boys up chimneys to clean them and has no intention of doing so in the future. However we make no comment upon what you might consider to be normal working practices and moral behaviour in your country. Furthermore we do not care.

Sending little boys up chimneys to sweep them was abandoned in Europe some years ago!

Administrators in organisations insisting that Mistral Associates wastes valuable time and energy embarking on the assault course of completing such usually inexpertly written, dysfunctional and frequently contradictory on-line digital forms, then please use the link below to remit payment of 1,000 Euros to cover Mistral Associates' costs. Alternaively simply go away and find a supplier of a vastly inferior product and service.

Remit using Mistral invoice number 399999.

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