How do we know the miniscule rise of just one molecule of CO2 in ten thousand parts of atmosphere over the past 150 years is not a CONSEQUENCE of global warming, rather than the cause of it? Answer is. We don't know. Maybe though sheer logic says much.


One in ten thousand. Can you spot it?

If self styled, overpaid, largely unqualified 'experts' and their unpaid, usually ill educated, footsoldiers get their way, then this one evil little molecule of CO2 in ten thousand molecules of the mixture of gases and water vapour making up Earth's atomosphere is going to:-

Prevent you from flying to holiday destinations in future. Forget about visitng relatives across the Atlantic, Indian Ocean or Pacific ever again.

Force you to book an overnight hotel stop if you wish to take a trip from London to Edinburgh to visit Granny or Auntie. And another on the way back. Twice that many overnight stops if you are driving your electric car in the rain or it gets dark along the way.

Get used to becoming Vegan. Meat and Dairy production will cease.

Make the world figure out a way to build without concrete. Indisputably one of the world's largest sources of mankind's atmospheric CO2.

Give up any plans for towing a caravan or boat trailer.

Pay two to three times more, or even more times than that for food and drink, medicines, clothes, cosmetics, furniture, adhesives, paints, home heating and countless other commodities.

See cruise liners in future only in historical films and pictures.

Say "Goodbye Rover and Tiddles!" 'Environmentalists' are already discussing the banning of keeping pet cats and dogs. On the grounds their upkeep is a burden upon resources and a global warming contributor the planet can no longer afford.

cart_before_horse.gif Where is the scientific proof that one part in ten thousand parts of atmosphere should be argued as a catalyst for destroying modern civilisation?

Where is the scientific proof that the miniscule rise in CO2 over the past 150 years isn't the CONSEQUENCE of global warming and not the cause of it?