carbon_atom.gifCarbon , particularly in the form of the compound Carbon Dioxide, has been getting some bad press recently. Largely at the hands of eminent 'environmentalists' like David Attenborough and some unqualified, hysterical school girls.

Maybe it's about time that the record is put straight. Particularly for the sake of our children, upon whom mankind's future depends, and importantly who need to be taught the truth. Instead of ever more hysterical lies and myths, that are irresponsibly promulgated by profit hungry media or ill educated journalists.

Carbon is not a poison, it is not toxic. It won't kill you. Unless you are saturated in Carbon Dioxide and thus suffocate, but with only a little over 4 parts in 10,000 parts of atmosphere, a tiny, tiny, minute proportion, that is highly improbable.

In fact be grateful to Carbon because without it you would not exist. YOU are made of it! Along with every other living organism on Planet Earth. That means all the animals, the trees, the plants, the birds, the fishes in the sea, the insects, the fungi, the microbes and even you and me!

Carbon is the primary component of all known life on Planet Earth, representing approximately 45% to 50% of all biomass*. Carbon compounds occur naturally in great abundance on Planet Earth. *current, trendy geek word for weight of green stuff.

It would be impossible for life on Planet Earth to exist without Carbon. Carbon is the main component of sugars, proteins, fats, DNA, bones, muscle tissue, practically everything in your body. The reason Carbon is so special is down to the electron configuration of other individual atoms Carbon combines with.

A good illustration of the relevance of Carbon to life is what is known as the Treeline. The altitude above which trees, along with practically every other life form cannot survive. Depending upon other factors, such as latitude influenced climate temperatures, the Treeline exists throughout the world at from 4,500 feet (1,370 metres) above sea level to an absolute and very rare maximum of 15,000 feet (4,575 metres) above sea level. The reason? Because above these altitudes there is insufficient Carbon, in the form of Carbon Dioxide, to support life. Treeline altitude, as a percentage of the altitude of Earth's atmosphere overall, between 39,000 feet (11,900 metres) to 56,000 feet (17,070 metres), depending upon latitude, is relatively small.

Planet Earth's atmosphere presently contains around 4.2 parts of Carbon Dioxide to 10,000 parts of atmosphere. Below 2.0 parts in 10,000 parts of atmosphere, then ALL life on Planet Earth would cease to exist!