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An evil the like of which the world has never seen before - The archetypal Pandora's Box.

Has the thought not yet crossed anyone's mind (whether or not that mind occupies a bearded boffin) that if AI is allowed to breed unchecked, then it will be one hell of a Pandora's box?

It will self perpetuate and explode. A chain reaction as with a nuclear bomb. But one which creates and crams itself with ever more outrageous pseudo, or false, knowledge. Way too large for any mortal to rein in and check. Impossible to stop or 'uninvent'!

Arguably the world's dominant leaders in IT; Microsoft, Google, Twitter and Wikipedia, are all awash with errors and falsehoods. Going to try and deny that? Are you? Microsoft can't even keep their Operating Systems running correctly without feeling the compulsion to upgrade them every 2 weeks! Elon Musk (who else eh?!) founding partner of OpenAI, owners of ChatPGT, since resigned, currently the most high profile AI platform, is currently in charge of Twitter. Elon Musk's infamous irascibility leads to his thrusting momentous decisions upon a subservient public, only to retract them days, even just hours later. This impossible to deny.

Apart from the obvious catastrophe of annihilating human initiative and incentive, AI is a time bomb and for which the fuse has already been set.

The world never heeded the obvious risks of the so called 'freedom' presented by an unregulated World Wide Web. Anyone denying all or even any of those risks should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act!

With all the horrors that lack of regulation undeniably spawned, and which we, along with a handfull of others, predicted would happen thirty years ago. And now, there are people seriously stupid and irresponsible enough to unleash unchecked, uncheckable, AI lunacy upon civilisation.

Should we be afraid? Time to ask Sam Altman that question. CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT!

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