'AIRWIND Pro’ Mistral believe this to be the only program ever written that will deal with any room shape, for any number of rooms with any type and mix of construction, in any world location and for any design conditions. 'AIRWIND Pro' is available as a stand-alone click image     program and is also included in all Subscription and Corporate program compendium.

All meteorological, geographical, Solar Azimuth & Declination, construction/fenestration material and key load data built-in. Provides hourly, daily, monthly and annual A/C (and heating) load profiles with comprehensive, plain language (multi-lingual), presentation quality printed reports that your customer will understand.


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Naturally, 'AIRWIND Pro' is keyboard 'error and paradox trapped' to Mistral's exceptional standards and all printing and filing routines, database tools and help pages operate to standard Microsoft Windows practices.

Includes ‘SPLITWIND’, an automatic and illustrated A/C equipment selection program featuring A/C ranges from sponsoring companies such as Fujitsu, LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Toshiba etc., Importantly these comprehensive databases have been independently checked and verified.

Extremely powerful yet fast and easy to use program.