autofill_icon.gif Text Auto Fill in on-line forms.

Text Auto Fill, 'preemptive' word completion and spell checkers can all be useful on occasions. More often than not however they are an infuriating nuisance. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a long, long way to go before it ever becomes totally reliable. AI needs developing by intelligent people and there are too few of them!


Mistral's Access Registration Code request forms for example include a few simple questions and 'check boxes' which have to be completed. They aren't there for fun! Whilst Mistral resists putting obstacles in the way of our valued customers sometimes a minimum amount of information needs to be collected to not only protect our investment and business but also that of our licenced and paying customers.

The data thus collected is led to algorithms which automatically makes adjustments to match local conditions and generate the Access Registration Codes that are needed to install Mistral's Expert System software. Without this security system protecting both Mistral's and our customers' vested interests Mistral could not remain in business.

When preemptive texting and form field auto completion insists upon entering rubbish, as in the above example, then remember that Windows provides the facility to either edit or completely delete rubbish input. Note the 'Manage personal info' link at the foot of the above Windows form.