Unsurprisingly, following huge rises in on-line scams, cryptocurrency thefts and phishing, everyone is becoming nervous about making on-line payments and cash transfers. In the last twelve months alone Mistral has been met with ever increasing demands for documentary proof of legitimacy of our bank accounts and Escrow partner accounts. Even from clients we have known and serviced for decades.

This escalating problem stems largely from the extraordinary lack of initiative and competence of government departments around the world to address the issue. The technical solutions would be simple, but require intelligence. A commodity in depressingly short supply amongst the people we pay to protect us.

Mistral's payees therefore, perhaps understandably, ask us to provide fancy, logo and seal encrusted, 'official' looking documents, purportedly issued by our banks to prove the legitimacy of our bank accounts. However, an absolute waste of time! Such documents can be forged in minutes. Even a bright ten year old can do it. Such documents sent as Email attachments might satisfy the petty bureaucratic whims of an Accounts Payable clerk but do absolutely nothing whatsoever to enhance security. Therefore, quite simply, Mistral will NOT accede to these time wasting demands. We do not have the time! Mistral staff are obliged to work at a pace that few outside of our business could even begin to imagine, let alone tolerate. And propelling totally pointless documents around the planet does not feature anywhere amongst their essential duties.

So what does Mistral do? So as to prove legitimacy

First of all Mistral has a PayPal Trading Account. Unlikely that we would if we were in any way fraudulent.

Secondly, we provide our bank IBAN, and in relevant cases also a Swift number, on all invoices. Along with Bank name and location. Finally of course our bank account name and account number.

If you are worried then please do the obvious. Get YOUR bank to earn their keep, and ASK THEM to contact our bank for verification, before transferring any funds. It's obvious. As is said, 'It isn't Rocket Science'!

Mistral's commitment:
Bringing the benefits of computerisation to our industry - without the historically associated problems.

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