Next day I presented ChatGPT with exactly the same set of my final questions.
ChatGPT again taking ten minutes to return its solution and which amazingly was quite different to the one it returned the previous day. My colleague posed the same questions to Microsoft's Bard and eventually received an even more worryingly different solution.
If a Mistral software user re-entered a saved calculation file which they had created using our software thirty years ago, that is 775 versions or 'issues' prior to the current one and loaded it into Mistral's current issue, number 776, then our software would return the identical result to that of 30 years back! Reloading the complete and still editable calculation file in under 2 seconds! Consistency is essential for QA and successful business.
Mistral does not fear any threat from AI. On the contrary AI will most likely drive more clients Mistral's way.
What I, along with all my colleagues fear is AI kicking off Nuclear Armageddon or a pandemic making Covid 19 appear like a mosquito bite.
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