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mistral_logo_180x220_blk.gif mistral_logo_180x220_blk.gif Established in 1984, Mistral is proud to be widely considered the 'generic' software system provider for the refrigeration & air conditioning industry. In its domestic market, Mistral software is used by more than 85% of refrigeration & air conditioning contracting firms and programs have been distributed to over 25,000 users in more than 140 countries around the world.

Mistral Expert System software
Corporate program compendium, main 60 advanced core features

With the exception of access by multiple users these features also apply to Subscription Licences

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Corporate Programs and Interactive Databases compendium
Multi-User access licence via annual contract management fee.
1.   All programs regularly 'Code Signed' by Microsoft Corporation as safe for operation on your PC.
2.   All programs 'Dynamically Error Trapped'. Unique but indispensable.
3.   Unique, 'Intelligent Logic' program coding. 'Observes' developing design so as to bypass
   subsequently redundant inputs. At the same time allowing full editing of earlier inputs.
   Without compromising dynamic error trapping. Ten times the coding effort resulting in three to
   four or more times program operational speed, along with total accuracy.
4.   Unique, 'Return Key Navigation'. Optional to standard Mouse navigation. analyses developing
   design and by single press of Return (Enter) key automatically takes user to next logical input.
5.   Fully Parallel operation. Not sequential! Affording maximum flexibity, speed and experimentation.
6.   Networked program installation option.
7.   Programs automatically adjust for either comma or period (full stop) decimal point deliminator.
8.   'Airwind' Air Conditioning and heating load calculation. Multiple-rooms.
9.   'Cellwind' Dedicated Beer & Wine Cellar load calculation to recognised industry specifications.
10.   'Coldwind' Refrigeration cold room, freezer, blast freezer etc., load calculation. Multiple-rooms.
11.   Miscellaneous heat load sources, interactive, databases with Run Time and Power Factor controls.
12.   Automatic Solar Azimuth and Declination adjustment, globally to 250 metre planet surface and
   15 minute interval accuracy. Full user seasonal adjustment controls. Mean and peak load reports.
13.   4 million+ 'Grid Size' Quick Selections pre-engineered solutions, selectable in around 7 seconds.
14.   Unlimited walls and angles of walls to each other on zoomable, graphical room plan designer.
15.   Single and Compound materials, wall, ceiling, floor construction creators, with automatic U values.
16.   Interactive, complete fenestration databases, with shading and variable ground surface reflectance.
17.   Pitched roof options and specific agricultural product store design.
18.   Ground floor or intermediate floor location with editable TD or mean sub-strata temperature.
19.   Variable construction and insulation materials within single design, even within single wall length.
20.   Variable TD options across construction wall and ceiling surface total or partial areas.
21.   Graphically driven interfaces and multiple choice menus for fast construction design flexibility.
22.   Scientifically calculated terrestrial Albedo factor, surface reflection and shading adjustment.
23.   Interactive Product and product storage equipment Thermal Properties illustrated databases.
24.   Switchable external or internal room dimensioning with automatic area and volume calculation.
25.   Default recommended defrost running load automatically entered along with optional user over-ride.
26.   'Prepwind' Dedicated Food Preparation Room refrigeration load (and winter heating) calculation.
27.   'Pipewind' Refrigerant Pipesizing. Multi-circuit. Circuit Zoning. Quick, pre-engineered designs.
28.   'Coolwind' Unit Cooler Selection. Singly or multiples.
29.   'Compwind' Compressor Selection & pack design.
30.   'Condwind' Condenser & Condensing Unit selection. Singly or multiples.
31.   'Packwind' Packaged Refrigeration Unit(s) selection. Singly or multiples.
32.   'Splitwind' Packaged A/C Split System selection. Singly or multiples.
33.   Estimated unit cooler fan load automatically entered with option to import manufacturers' data.
34.   Automatic equipment Sound Pressure Level calculation with distance and unit quantity adjustment.
35.   'Valvewind' Refrigeration Expansion Valve selection.
36.   'Metwind' Interactive Graphically driven World Meteorological Database.
37.   RAC product selections automatically display colour and dimensioned images from 157,000 file
   Cloud database. Images exportable to customer quotation generator.
38.   Automatic graphical Cooler/Condensing unit Balance Point calculator.
39.   Dedicated Refrigerated Container (TEU Reefer sizes) load calculation.
40.   Dedicated Refrigerated Eurotainer (aircraft perishable product container) load calculation.
41.   Cold room shelving interactive databases with 'Drag & Drop' images to room design drawings.
42.   Cold room, multi-national, Electrical Power Consumption calculator. Tariff databases updatable.
43.   Interactive digital multi-lingual Psychrometrics calculator including formatted instant results printout.
44.   Dynamically linked & focused, illustrated Help pages. In plain, easy to understand, jargon free text.
45.   24/7 Pre & Post installation support via Email.
46.   Special Feature Code program operation controls adjustment (except Corporate Lite).
47.   Fully 'active' calculation recovery filing system for project full future editing.
48.   All Mistral program upgrades Backwards Compatible with all previously saved results files (30+ years).
49.   Automatic Customer Quotation generation. User customizable Standard Paragraphs and text.
50.   Editable interactive databases (except proprietary, sponsored and certified, RAC selection databases).
51.   All proprietary databases independently verified by data owners or appointed representatives.
52.   RAC selection database creation Freeware included, along with instructions and design templates.
53.   Ten Language switchable post installation. Run and save calculation in one language. Send to a
   colleague to open (and edit and re-save) using a different language.
54.   Real time, instant Imperial to SI (Système International d'unités) switchable post installation.
55.   Standard RTF and Adobe PDF, Presentation Quality results printouts.
56.   Tiresome jargon, both Refrigeration industry and 'computer speak', eliminated wherever possible.
57.   256 character calculation file name AND file TITLE Search Engine.
58.   Free Upgrading and Updating. Throughout Contract duration.
59.   Unassailable, four decade long world benchmark setting reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.
60.   Annual, low cost, access and management Licence fee, 'Fixed in Perpetuity' (subject only to inflation).

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