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We have been around for a long, long, very long time and you would be amazed to learn how many people we know in our, indeed in your industry. From right across the world. However discretion, good manners and old fashioned business ethics precludes our boasting about that. Especially from 'name dropping'.

Mistral Associates is a relatively small yet highly professional team that has been dedicated to serving an also relatively small niche market for the past thirty six years. Without diversifying. Without losing sight of our objectives. We aren't going anywhere else soon!

Making yourself known to us having visited our website does not mean you would be joining some sort of 'Glee Club'. We work hard, skillfully, professionally and for hours that many would simply not believe. So we do not have much time to spare. Idle gossip is not on offer!

However, tell us who you are and then maybe, just maybe, we will offer you something you had not expected and which is of some value to you.

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