Program download and Installation problems.

Mistral's programs handshake, that is 'phone home' during the user program access registration procedure.

This is necessary to set certain functions in the large set of interactive programs so that they match the user's local needs. Such things as PC Operating System and variants in use on the target computer, Monitor and keyboard type, decimal point deliminator in use, geographical location for setting meteorological data, spoken language and user Locale, along with other critical data. None of which contains anything personal and none of which is recorded and saved. All in strict accordance with EC GDPR 2018 regulations.

However, if the connection between Mistral's Server and the user's ISP is not functioning, due to a security issue detected by algorithm, or even maliciously and illegally blocked, then the access registration process will fail.

If the fault is at Mistral's end then a detailed report of the failure will be recorded in an event log, and steps can be taken to correct it. Regrettably, if the client has blocked Mistral's Emails then naturally Mistral is unable to offer advice upon how to correct the problem.

Please be assured that Mistral's clients download more than 150 program installations a day on average. Right across the world. Problems are exceedingly rare and if they do ocurr are quickly resolved.

If more detail can be provided as to what is seen on screen when trying to download and install, such as Error Code numbers, then this might help Mistral advise on what can be done to correct the problem.

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