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Mistral Associates, established in 1984, maintains the highest possible standards in development and maintenance of its Expert System Software products.

From rigorous, thorough research, through high level software development by Honours Graduate professional Programmers and RAC Engineers, to the very latest and constantly evolving computerised information technologies, to trained and dedicated sales, with first class pre and post installation, 365 day per annum customer support.

Mistral Associates' products are not the cheapest in the market. However with world-wide installations exceeding those of every other developer of this software genre even when all others are added together, also the genre which Mistral Associates alone created, then the unassailable evidence speaks for itself. Mistral's programs pay for themselves. Time after time after time. Total reliability. Proven accuracy record. Astonishing speed. Jargon free simplicity of use.

As with every professionally run organisation Mistral maintains scrupulous records, rigourous quality control procedures, legal compliance policies and total respect for patents and copyright of third party owned property.

For these reasons and out of respect for Mistral's tens of thousands of loyal customers, many of whom have supported Mistral from its inception over 38 years ago, along with a duty of care to our dedicated and loyal staff, Mistral will not tolerate plagiarism (theft of its intellectual property), piracy (illegal access to Mistral's products in contravention of the provisions of the UK Computer Misuse Act 1990 and all similar international legislation.) and rudeness or abusive behaviour to Mistral staff, including evasive or deceptive completion of on-line forms. Behaviour which will result in a lifetime ban, along with irremovable blocking code applied to the abuser's IP addresses(s) as minimum retribution, without notice or apology. No further communication will be entered into with offenders.