murano_originale_ani.gif Forget all the complicated gizmos. This is engineering design as it should be.

Design honed to perfection over generations and beautifully crafted. Practical and pocket fitting.

The choice of professionals and sommeliers world-wide. Exquisite in both build quality and fitness for purpose.

Made in Italy. Where else? Our Italian friends are indisputably masters of design and elegance.

Deploy a Murano 'originale' at dinner parties, receptions and Bar-B-Cues in your garden or yard. Connoisseurs and experts instantly recognising you too are 'in the know'!

Quite simply you would be hard put to find a better quality, better designed and more practical device for easy yet the sometimes fraught function of extracting a cork, stubborn vintage or otherwise, from a fine bottle of wine, other than by using an Italian Murano 'originale' corkscrew. A design classic!

You may have gained the impression we are enthusiastic! We are. Mistral works tirelessly, day in, day out, to achieve perfection and therefore we really do appreciate others who clearly endeavour to do likewise. And who clearly succeed! It gives us pleasure to celebrate such craftsmen and craftswomen.

So how much for this design masterpiece? For you, our friends - NOTHING! Please accept one with our compliments. Simply tell us where you would like one sent and we will despatch yours within days. After which your delivery address will be deleted from our records (all in full compliance with EU GDPR 2018). Offered as a token of our appreciation for your past support - but hurry as stocks are limited!

Enjoy your wine and enjoy using your Murano 'originale'. murano_corkscrew_closed.gif

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