"Expecting something for nothing is the most popular form of hope."
Arnold H Glasow 1905-1998.

For those thinking it clever sending us a false or contrived email address and even false details about themselves. If they are that dishonest and quite frankly, that stupid, whilst requesting a Registration Code to access MISTRAL's intellectual property for example, then it should be obvious even to them that they won't receive any reply!

They will also only have wasted their own time although none of ours. So in such cases we thank them for boosting Mistral's website hit rate but respectfully suggest they leave our website immediately. We recommend too that they should consider either a change of career or of attitude, or even both!

We also think it only fair to warn them that we know who they are! Really!

spacer"Have a nice day!"

Click:- Computer Misuse Act 1990

Mistral's commitment:

Bringing the benefits of computerisation to our industry - without the historically associated problems.

The one 'world class' RAC program developer that is solely dedicated to providing 'Non Partisan' software to the industry it serves. Approved and supported by most of the world's leading RAC equipment manufacturers, Mistral puts you in control. Expert System software that is not at all cheap - but the best seldom is!