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Mistral provides software training sessions. We do though urge new licensees to try using the software for a few months before committing to the expense. Rarely does anyone deem it necessary.
For up to 10 delegates the starting cost is UK Pounds 1,800 (2,000 Euros) for two days.

Mistral's software has been developed over many years (thirty eight years actually!) by a highly qualified team comprising both qualified, experienced RAC engineers and Honours Graduate computer programmers. Mistral's commitment statement is:-

"Bringing the benefits of computerisation to our industry - without the historically associated problems."

Programs have been developed with great care, to the best practice methods known to the IT industry, to make them as 'intuitive' and as friendly to use as is possible. Especially when tackling such a vast and complex subject as commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning engineering.

Mistral always strongly advises its program users to use the dynamically linked Help Page system which automatically links 'focused', in other words 'relevant', help pages to whichever program form is open on the screen at the time. Mistral also developed a unique programming method called 'Intelligent Logic' which means that whenever the Return Key is hit, the program will automatically analyse everything that has been entered or input so far and report its current status, including the reporting of any errors, anomalies and even pointing the user at what to do next.

However, as already stated, the subject (of RAC engineering) that the programs are tacking is vast and complex. It simply isn't possible for any computer program, no matter how well written, to teach a user everything there is to know about the subject. Also, there must be a presumption by Mistral's software designers and developers that program users possess even a modicum of knowledge of operating a modern PC, coupled with at least a basic understanding of the science of refrigeration or air conditioning. Mistral's computer programs cannot 'make' an engineer! They do though go a long way towards helping them develop their skills and not just in operating a computer. By providing clear and logical 'paths' and solutions to problems, Mistral's programs help to illustrate in a very clear way many of the sometimes more difficult to grasp concepts of the whole subject of refrigeration. The programs, largely because of their speed, also encourage users to find more economical and sometimes even novel solutions to problems. In fact only a complete idiot would ever say that any good quality computer program 'de-skills' any science or technology. Over half the world's most advanced discoveries in the late twentieth and so far the early twenty first century probably could never have been made without forward thinkers using computers to 'push the boundaries'.

So saying Mistral does respond to requests from customers from time to time to provide 'on-site' training. Particularly for larger 'Corporate' customers that often need to bring a dozen or more novice engineers or new recruits 'up to speed' in as short a time as possible. Regrettably though providing this level of training is not inexpensive and Mistral must charge UK Pounds 900 (1,250 Euros) per day with a requirement that the customer books a minimum of two days with no more than two 'non training', and naturally not charged, days between any two training days. We believe that two complete 7 hour training sessions are though quite sufficient. Training Courses are designed to teach students in such a way that by the end they have sufficient experience, knowledge and confidence whereby any remaining skill gaps they will be able to fill themselves - simply through further program usage.

The maximum number of course delegates that Mistral is able to provide its training course for at any one time is 10. More than this and the benefits for delegates begin to fall off sharply. All course training days must be within the same week, spaced with no more than two non chargeable 'non-training' days between any two training days, and as previously mentioned, courses must comprise a minimum of two training days. Mistral strongly believe though that two days should be sufficient and in any event the benefits of more training start to fall off sharply after two days.

Mistral also requires that both subsistence and travel costs, for the single Mistral trainer, to and from the training venue, which must be provided and appropriately furnished with desks and PCs and maintained at 'normal' comfortable working conditions by the customer, are all met by the customer. Hotel expenses (for accommodation only, Mistral's staff meal costs are covered by Mistral) must be for a reasonable quality Four Star hotel and either arranged and paid for directly by the customer or reimbursed to Mistral upon presentation of the account. Travel expenses including Economy Class air fares and taxi charges must be met by the customer upon presentation of the final account.

Mistral is happy to provide simultaneous training for groups of delegates from different organisations. Therefore organisations with perhaps only two or three staff are encouraged to group together with other members of their industry, thus forming larger groups and amortising costs.