Heavily subsidised Educational Software licences

With the added benefit of earnings potential for schools and teachers.

Computer software is sometimes accused of 'de-skilling' a vocation. At Mistral we believe the total opposite is true. Providing clear and logical programs that not only produce almost instant results but that also clearly illustrate 'cause and effect', to both expert and novice alike, can quickly enhance their understanding and their abilities. This view is clearly shared by leaders and tutors in many hundreds of teaching establishments throughout the world that provide specialised training serving the commercial refrigeration and building services industries and that already use Mistral software.

Even to collect the literally millions of items of statistics, factors, constants, algorithms, formulae, empirical and scientific data that the programs alone contain would cost an individual many, many times that of the programs' licence access fees!

Highly sophisticated 'expert system' computer software though does not 'come cheap'. As many companies have found to their cost when trying to go it alone. Mistral has invested over 17,500,000 Euros in developing, improving and maintaining its core product group of world-class computer programs over a period stretching over a third of a century. Not a vast amount of money compared to some company's R & D budgets but probably the single largest investment ever made in the software system designed specifically for our industry. Even those software investments made by companies many hundreds of times larger than Mistral Associates.

Whilst Mistral recognises that 'today's students are tomorrow's potential customers' we also recognise the word potential in this statement. As Microsoft's founder Bill Gates once reputedly commented:-

"Freeware and Open Source software is all very fine but it doesn't pay the mortgage!"

'Potential' customers don't help to pay Mistral's operational costs either. Costs that are similar to those in any business. Including yours!

Colleges and Training Schools are though generally 'strapped for cash' and at Mistral we recognise that too. For this reason Mistral has a unique software product that is designed to meet the requirements of teachers and tutors and at the same time provide a little something extra for both them and their students. The Mistral 'Educational Licence'. Virtually the same as the Mistral 'Corporate Licence' that has proven so popular with an almost 85% take up by our industry but with the added advantage of having a 50% lower fee PLUS the benefit of providing teachers and tutors with an additional source of income. Mistral will permit registered Mistral 'Educational Licence' holders to resell licences for access for students to the identical software system at substantially reduced rates and allow them to retain 50% of the selling price!

Students gain access to software they might not otherwise afford.

Colleges and Schools are able to provide training with the aid of software they might not otherwise afford.

The RAC industry gains trained graduates for the industry with a better all round knowledge and understanding of one of its most widely used tools - Mistral Software!

And of course Mistral gains too. A small but welcome additional source of revenue and most importantly, new loyal 'potential' customers for the future.

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