My boss asked me to provide just 3 good reasons for installing Mistral software.

I like Mistral software and would like to install it but that's what my boss said.

Well our answer is simple. Installing Mistral will Save your business time, Save money, Improve accuracy, Help maintain formal QA systems, Enhance customer sales presentations, Help train new staff.

There! That's 6 good reasons!


Your boss will then most likely ask you how these bold claims are achievable.

They might like to choose from the following list of twenty one features that for the past more than third of a century have set Mistral way ahead of the rest.

Unlike other developers Mistral makes software that:-

1 student_at_grimsby_college.gifspacerEveryone can use straight away.
Without training.
2 Stays up to speed with the latest computer Operating Systems.
3 Doesn't ask unnecessary questions which don't apply to your current project.
4 Includes tens of thousands of interactive databases that have all been independently checked and verified by experts.
5 In addition to Mouse operation has unique, optional 'Return Key' program navigation. Helping first time computer users to confidently operate programs from the very first time.
6 Is designed with 'Intelligent Logic' routines that always take you to a solution by the shortest possible route.
7 Is 'Dynamically Error Trapped' to make it practically impossible for you to make any technical mistake.
8 Is 'Menu Driven' wherever practical to speed your way.
9 Files results in such a way that a complete calculation can be opened and edited hours, days, years even decades later.
10 Is instantly switchable between Imperial and SI (metric), changing every parameter, every description and every result without incurring 'rounding errors'.
11 Can run a calculation in English and instantly translate everything to 9 other languages for your contacts in Africa, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Vietnam etc.
12 Has a team of highly qualified engineers and programmers working day and night to improve and also to both update AND upgrade the entire system. Without ever adding any complications.
13 Is supported by hundreds of colour illustrated and 'Dynamically Linked & Focused' Help pages in the unlikely event you will ever need them.
14 Includes interactive databases that you can edit or add to - even whilst the program is actually running. Importantly - With absolutely no danger of 'messing up the program'!
15 Is supported by Graphical Interface World Meteorological data capable of computing energy profiles at 15 minute intervals across the entire year at any location on planet earth to a geographic accuracy of plus or minus 250 metres. All through a single Mouse click.
16 Imposes no limits on number of adjoining spaces or walls, wall angles, construction material variation, floor, ceiling or roof construction, additional and miscellaneous heat load sources or solar orientation. Along with scores more options as well.
17 Includes hundreds of thousands of industry standard, editable, 'Pre-Engineered' designs. All selectable via an easy to use graphical interface, to produce reliable and highly accurate results in just seconds.
18 Is supplied with RAC Equipment Selection databases containing products linked to hundreds of thousands of server stored dimensioned line drawings and colour photographs.
19 Allows program users to set their own preferences for such things as how programs start with default temperatures, default geographic world location, room orientation, print-out options etc.
20 Allows easy LAN (Local Area Network) installation for multiple users and incidentally is happily as free as possible from tiresome jargon like LAN!
21 Is officially verified and 'Code Signed' by Microsoft Corporation as safe for installation on computer running their Windows 10 & 11 Operating Systems.

can't_answer.gif can't_answer.gif spacer_transparent.gif
For the gentleman and perhaps others like him who is so fortunate as to have a fourteen year old nephew who can write a program like Mistral's in his bedroom over the week-end.

Please tell this person that we'd be delighted to meet this child prodigy. He could have saved Mistral approaching eighteen million Euros and around three hundred and fifteen 'man years' (seven 'lifetimes worth') of dedicated, unswerving hard work.

A true Mistral 'sales' story from the last century! the_managing_director.gif