icon_aw.gif AIRWIND
Air Conditioning loads
icon_cw.gif COLDWIND
Refrigeration loads
icon_mes.gif RAC Equipment selections prepwind.gif PREPWIND
Food Preproom loads
icon_cellw.gif CELLWIND
Beer & Wine Cellar cooling loads   
icon_lw.gif LINEWIND
Simple refrigerant circuits
icon_pw.gif PIPEWIND
Complex refrigerant circuits
chillwind_banner_64x64.gif CHILLWIND
Food physical properties
metwind_icon.gif METWIND Interactive World
Meteorology Database
help.gif Program Manuals
corporate_people_icon_white_bg.gif CORPORATE LICENCE Business
licence for multiple user access
subsription_user_icon.gif SUBSCRIPTION
Single user access licence
Mistral's Ethical Operating Policy policy_64x64.gif money_icon.gif Buy access via PayPal.
Immediate download.
information_icon_flash_ani.gif Expanded details, demonstrations, news,
useful data, advice and printable Price List.
Reinstallation for existing Licensees

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