legal iconAdditional Security Measures

The years 2000 to 2016 saw Mistral taking a hit in lost revenue through theft of access to its intellectual property running well into six figures each year. Millions of Pounds in total and threatening Mistral's very survival. Hence early in 2017 and following a further substantial financial investment in additional security coding and field trialing a new software registration system was introduced.

Mistral's new registration system has proved highly successful. It is quick and simple for users to follow too and has already stemmed piracy by up to 90%. However, no system is infallible and an element of trust is still expected of licensees.

Back in 1998 Mistral's 'Corporate' licence scheme was designed and introduced to provide economic and stress free management of essential expert software for the bulk of Mistral's target market place. Corporate licensees being granted unlimited staff access, within their organisation's size category, for all programs and interactive databases. Mistral’s new security system, whilst monitoring downloader IP addresses within the scope of the Data Protection Act, the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and more recent EC Directive the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), cannot though be infallible.

Mistral's server log is revealing signs that a limited number of downloaders are still attempting to pass illegally made copies and access security codes to third parties. The illegal practice of making proxy downloads of licenced software on behalf of and to pass on to others is in direct contravention of the Computer Misuse Act 1990. It not only continues to threaten Mistral's vested interests in the world-class expert software system it developed and continuously maintains, it also of course damages the interests of Mistral's legitimate licensees. Why should a licensee, paying good money for access to a system for the purpose of saving their own organisation time and money be subsidising those too mean to pay for it?! Worse, be subsidising their competitors who are too mean to pay for it!

Mistral licensees requiring second program installations, for use on notebook computers for example or where a new access code is required to replace an installation lost due to hard drive failure or even a lost or stolen computer, will henceforth be asked to make a special request for download along with the associated access code. Mistral will then invoke special measures to ensure the request is legitimate. Regrettably this may create delays in issue of new codes on occasions whilst additional checks are made and acted upon.

No one likes mention of legislation but no law abiding person need see the following statement as a threat. We must remind IT managers and those responsible for their organisation’s licenced computer access that Mistral Associates, its staff and shareholders, values its multi million Pound and hundreds of thousands of man hour investment very highly. Software piracy is theft. Pure and simple. Mistral has a zero tolerance policy towards software piracy and always prosecutes transgressors to the full extent of the law. No matter who they are or where in the world they are located. In future such invariably successful prosecutions will be set to attract maximum publicity and also to seek maximum reparation for damages.

A gentle reminder to all staff might be in order.