'Cellwind Pro' Produces accurate and therefore competitive beer cellar refrigeration load calculations to brewery specifications. Copes with any shape room plan, any type of building construction (including mixed materials), cellars above ground and below (or anywhere in between for that matter), solar gains, product loads and pull down times, running loads, cooler fan loads etc., etc. All built into the program and easy to enter. Neat, comprehensive printout for your records and tenders.

'CELLWIND Pro' is available as a stand-alone program and is also included in all Subscription and Corporate program compendium.

Links to comprehensive and manufacturer verified databases to automatically select optimum refrigeration equipment and cellar cooling systems.

Accurately compute the duty then automatically select optimum cooling equipment from your chosen distributor. Automatically produce presentation quality, illustrated, quotations - all in seconds!

Take the 2 Minute Tour of Mistral's legendary 'Coldwind Pro' multi-tasking program. Completing the job highly accurately, along with a presentation quality report, all in less than two minutes. Tasks that can take even experienced engineers well over an hour to do manually!

Reduce costs! At the same time improve competitiveness to help WIN more orders!

Trying to remain competitive in this notoriously difficult market isn't difficult without
'Cellwind Pro', it's almost impossible! Now bundled with FREE pipe sizing program.

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