English (International) language download and Access Code request form for program users located in Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Tasmania.

Mistral 'CORPORATE' Licence 12 RAC complete program list

If you are not located in Australia, New Zealand or other Oceania regions then do NOT use this form. Please click here:- Registration to return and then click on the interactive map corresponding with your region. Computer programs downloaded from this form are produced to work under Oceania computer Operating Systems. They will not function correctly in other regions of the world.

2024 Corporate compendium version 5.3d (issue number 777).
Please be aware the Access Registration Code you are about to
receive WILL NOT WORK to install any other program version.

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DELETE this downloaded Setup.exe (installation) file after successfully installing. It should not be used to attempt to install again in the future and simply wastes space on your computer's hard drive by retaining it. It may also interfere with installation of future program upgrades and also with optional interactive database updates of which there can be many over the course of a year.

Both upgrading and updating of this Expert System software occur frequently. You will therefore need to return to this download request form again and download again when you next need to reinstall or upgrade/update.

Please complete the form below with your name & email address, answering the few simple questions we respectfully ask to help us provide you with the best possible service and optionally writing any additional comments in the box provided. Click Submit at the bottom of this page to send the data.

EU GDPR Act 2018. The information you provide on this form will not be divulged to any third party or stored in any data retrieval system for longer than it takes for us to deal with your request.
(timewasters please note)

PLEASE ANSWER QUESTIONS SENSIBLY. Questions are there for a reason. Your answers are 'read', digitally, and analysed automatically by complex algorithms for purposes of generating program Access Registration Codes. What might seem like whimsical or sadly, facetious answers, results in wasting not just our time but also of course, your own! As you will not receive a reply!

Q. 1  What best describes the work that you do?
     Air Conditioning Contractor
     Refrigeration Contractor
     Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractor
     Food: Caterer/Production/Retailer
     Food Distribution: Logistics/Storage
     RAC: Manufacturer/Distributor
     Other (please describe in 'Comments' below)

Q. 2  How many people are there in your organisation?
     up to 10
     up to 20
     up to 100
     up to 500
     more than 500

Q. 3  Who in your organisation normally buys licences for the type of software described on this website?
     my sole decision
     me in consultation with others
     senior management
     my colleagues

Q. 4     Required I confirm that I am aware the access code that I receive in the next 24 hours can only be used to activate one, single installation and also that the code can only be used to install the programs contained in the file I am about to download.

Why does Mistral insist upon knowing who I am and where I live?

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Your Mistral Account number: required

If you have not yet been issued with a Mistral Account number or cannot find it then you may enter 555555 in the box provided above and if your account is in order you will be sent one to the email address you have provided on this form. Entering 555555 will also result in a Provisional Access Registration Code being automatically generated and forwarded to you, providing full access for a limited time only. At the end of which time you will need to visit this form again and enter your unique Account Number.



Corporate Licensee Installation Guide.

Mistral's program installation procedure requires entry of a unique, single installation*, Access Registration Code. This will be sent to authorised downloaders by email to the email address provided on this form. Checking entitlement and forwarding Access Registration Codes may be conducted manually.

* Single installation means the code can only be used ONCE to install. If additional installations are required for second computers or for entitled colleagues then EACH installation requires its own code and which can ONLY be obtained by completing and submitting the download request form.

Depending upon international time differences, international email routing delays, over which Mistral has no control, and also staff work load this may take up to 24 Hours. Please therefore be patient and also to ensure no interruption in program access please ensure that your account is both up to date and access licence fees are paid promptly.

Licenced access periods are provided under a mutually agreed contract and are annual. Anniversary (renewal) dates are unaffected by date of payment. Please be aware that no 'periods of grace' are offered to extend annual licenced access beyond the contractual anniversary date.